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Do you enjoy the doodle videos that you see in the internet?

They are cool to watch, but they are not easy to make.

I have tried several softwares to create those kinds of videos. Powtoon, Animatron, Wideo. Just name it. But the best software to create doodle videos is a software that is specific for that purpose.

Doodle maker is a software that makes doodle creation easy. It works in the cloud , so you will not need to download anything into your computer, and you won´t have to suffer restrictions about the number of devices where you can use it.

The price is very reasonable: 67 $ for the front offer. That can be reduced to 49$ with a coupon.

Limits on doodle maker

If you go for the commercial license ( what you probably should do) you can sell your videos.

Video time is limited to 15 minutes, but you can join different videos to make them longer.

You can render as many videos as you want.

If you don´t buy the deluxe upsell, you will have to wait to render your videos.

If you don´t buy the deluxe upsell your music choice will be limited.

Are there any upsells?

Yes, there are 4, but not that necessary.

DoodleMaker Whitelabel Unlimited OTO Price: $497

You receive a reseller license with this upsell. You will have the authority to sell it to others at your price and terms.

Not only that, but you'll also receive the items listed below, which will assist you in increasing sales.

Rebrand the app with your logo and branding to make it your own. (once-in-a-lifetime chance)
Sub-accounts are unlimited, and you may sell as many copies as you like.
Set your own pricing.
completed for you VSL is an abbreviation for "Value Added Selling."
Pre-written content, a sales page, and visuals
We are in charge of app hosting and software updates: Sell without a hitch.
There are no monthly or annual fees.
Prior to the launch, I was thinking that it was time to buy the Whitelabel and subsequently give a bonus for other affiliates' items.

But then I read the Terms and Conditions on the sales page.

Another thing to bear in mind is that this resale is just for the front end version. They are unable to upgrade to any other upsell.

OTO 2: DoodleMaker Deluxe ($49).

The Deluxe upgrade is interesting.
Priority rendering of video: You may have your movies produced faster than other customers without having to wait in line.
Aside from that, you will also receive the following items.

Every month for a year, new templates are released: Templates are fantastic, especially for those in the advertising industry. Some of these templates feature human voices. This copy of templates is not the only one produced by a professional copywriter. You have the option of 56 Additional Text-to-Speech Premium Voices In 29 different languages: So you have virtually every language covered. If you work with a different type of audience, this upsell might help you save money.
Royalty-Free Music Files of the Highest Quality: The audio is responsible for half of the visual experience. Without a doubt, you can discover royalty-free music without paying for it on the internet. However, it will save you time. Rather of first listening, then downloading and importing into a project, you may do it immediately within Doodlemaker.
Priority Video Access Future Updates: Updates are required. If you don't believe me, compare the most recent version of WhatsApp to the first time you used it. You will get first access to the updates if you purchase this upgrade.
Toon Videos Creator OTO 3 Price: $59

It's a program for creating character-based cartoon videos. Don't believe this is something special I need to buy if you already have separate software. But if you haven't and need to, go ahead.

Here are some of Doodlemaker's features.

More than 100 animated characters
Character Animations that Stand Out
Install on a maximum of ten machines.
Animated Backgrounds in High Definition
Over 200 Music Tracks
It also includes text-to-speech capabilities. Because it is software, there are no restrictions on video duration or video exports.

OTO 4: Client Engine App ($29)

If you want to generate money by selling your movies to others, the client engine app is for you. It can help you locate freelance work. It can find tasks on the websites listed below.

Craigslist Freelance Project4Hire Guru PeoplePerHour

What do I think about doodle maker?

I think it is a cool way to create videos that can easily improve the interest you get in your projects.

Check doodle maker here

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